Madden 21


Madden 21 Rules

Game Rules

1. The hosting team must ensure that all the settings are correct. If any setting is found to be incorrect, then the hosting team risks forfeiting the match. Video and/or picture proof must be provided to validate these claims.

2. Any of the current 2020-2021 32 NFL teams can be used.

3. This tournament will be Head-To-Head with a default skill level of All-Madden

4. Tournament matches are best of 1 unless otherwise stated on your match page.

You can:

- Block field goals and punts
- Fake field goals and punts
- Defensive playbooks: Any
- Offensive Playbooks: Any

You cannot:

Uniforms: you may not choose a non-default uniform of the same primary colors as your opponent; home team's jersey overrules the away team. If you do not leave the match before the 30 seconds when experiencing the same color jerseys, the match will then stand as underway.

Onside Kicks: are not allowed until the 4th quarter of the game and the player onside kicking must be losing the game and be clear that winning is an option doing so.

Custom Playbooks: Not allowed

Pause Timer

If you are "Kicked for Excessive Griefing" when you are losing a game or the game is tied, you will forfeit the game and be given the loss. If you are kicked when winning a match, the match will be replayed.

In the event of a disconnection

You and your opponent will try to continue the game from the point of disconnection. If the players can agree to what score, quarter, time, and field position the game needs to be continued from; please continue the game from that point.

If players cannot agree on on the stated above, players must contact live support immediately to have UMG set the terms of a replay or complete restart. If no proof is provided, UMG may enforce a full restart pending video proof.


If the game is lagging to where the game is unplayable, players must file a match dispute ticket first. Do not end the game or leave. Doing so may result in a forfeit for the player who left. Players claiming lag must be able to provide sufficient video proof to validate their claim within their match dispute ticket. If not, the game will stand as played. If you left, you will forfeit the match.

We recommend that all proof be provided in video form. The clearer your proof the better, please be sure to show the following within your proof when submitting it to tournament live support.

- Clear visibility of the scoreboard showing teams, score, time, quarter, etc.

- Gamertags associated within the match. 

- Time/Date stamps to validate prooff.

- If allowed, place your match ID in game/lobby chat.

Challenge Options


- Normal online exhibition match. Players choose one of the 32 NFL teams
available. 2020-2021 teams only.

MUT Head-To-Head

– Choosing this option allows the player(s) to compete with the
Madden Ultimate Team.

Salary Cap Head-To-Head

- Is an option within MUT where you will build a lineup using
your ultimate team players, based on a certain maximum number of salary points. Each
player has its own salary value based on the effectiveness of the player. If Salary Cap is
the selected challenge option, failure to play in this mode will result in a forfeit.

Skill Level

All-Pro (Default skill level)
All- Madden

*Rookie & Pro skill levels are not allowed for use. Doing so will be considered incorrect

Any setting not listed must be kept in its default state. Altering those not listed may result in a forfeit of your match.

Game Mode: (Challenge Option)

Team Type: NFL Teams

Difficulty: (Challenge Option)

Quarter Length:4 Minutes

Injuries: Off

Fatigue: On

Even Teams: Off

Game Speed: Normal

Weather: Off

Accelerated Clock: Off

Note: When playing on All-Madden difficulty, the clock will automatically run time off after selecting a play or during a hurry-up offense.

How to Play:

  1. Sign in or Register for Free
  2. Connect Madden 21 to your UMG Account.
  3. Start Playing!
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