Ladder Match DEC 3RD AT 12:22 PM EST • 3v3 • GLPS4 Apex Legends
Season: Winter Preseason

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12/03/2019 12:22 pm EST

Match Expires

Dec 3rd at 2:22 PM EST in 7 months

Match Rules


Round 1: Gung-ho
Round 2: Gung-Ho 1%
Round 3: Gung-ho


Round 1: YqW0LTUM
Round 2: 335zSLHi
Round 3: M0JLR1d3

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Play Apex

Match Set

Best of 3

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  • Game Mode: Team Battle Royale
  • Region: Global

Recent Encounters

VS bo3
First encounter Gung-Ho 1% v Gung-ho Apex Legends
Apex Legends 3v3 teams GL / PS4 view ladder view game

Match Roster

Gung-Ho 1%
player Gamertag Country
GrogGoblin GrogGoblin groggoblin
ZoraGriffin ZoraGriffin ZoraGriffin_TTV
Shiba_inu777 Shiba_inu777 Shiba_Inu777
player Gamertag Country
sarge0001 sarge0001 SelfMadeLegend93
Sya_Player1 Sya_Player1 Sya_Player1
Gabrieltrap1983 Gabrieltrap1983 Gabrieltrap

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