Introducing the new UMG Forums!

UMG is very excited to announce the launch of the forums - a dedicated part of the site for our community to hold conversations with each other. We want the forums to be a place of healthy discussion and interaction with the main aim of assisting you in your every day-to-day needs. That’s why we have made sections for recruiting and scrimming, and also other forums to give you the platform to speak about topics and issues you are enjoy most about.

To start, the forums are split into two category sections: General Information and Console Arenas. Under General Information, we have forums for:

  • News/Announcements – where we will post articles about the latest news, so you can be up to date with what’s happening on UMG.
  • Community Feedback – where we have a section for you to post any suggestions you would like to see on UMG Online. This forum will be monitored regularly by management staff.
  • General Discussion – where we have dedicated a section for general discussions about anything eSports related, current or upcoming games, politics, sports… etc.
  • Support Help Forum – where we will be answering any new user related questions.
  • Top Gameplay Submissions – where we will have a dedicated section for our community to post their gameplays here, and also check out other people’s videos and content at the same time.
  • Graphics – where we will have a dedicated section for graphic requests, signatures, logos or headers to be made. This is the place to interact with the graphics community.

Under the Console Arena category, we have forums for: Playstation, Xbox, Mobile and PC platforms where each title that we offer here at UMGO will have its own ‘Recruiting’ and ‘Scrimming’ subforum counterpart. The purpose of this structure is to simplify your search of finding the right game, and experience of finding teams to join, members to recruit or even teams to play against. So posting threads on these forums or replying to others in the community will hopefully lead to excelled results. But that’s not all, in the coming weeks we will be starting our first running of community events - which will include ladder, tournament and forum challenges to add something new to your gaming experience, that will aim to reward you for your continued support and efforts on the site. So keep a close eye out for chances to win credits, prizes and much more!

We hope you enjoy our new direction and feel free to send us your feedback via our Community Feedback forum.

Happy gaming!