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Palms Esports Bash Oct 26th - 28th
Battle at Bleu Oct 7th - 8th
Monthly Leaderboards
Xp Earned
2,409  Xp Earned
18,769th Umg Rank
2. andreszn 2,338 XP
3. cejay 2,335 XP
4. p0cket 2,051 XP
5. ZakS 1,564 XP
minimum 25 wins
90 Days of Prime
Match Wins
139  Wins
8,328th Umg Rank
2. g3icebee 125 Wins
3. oGMEXSIDE 122 Wins
4. Fancy_ 116 Wins
5. CreativeFPS_ 114 Wins
minimum 25 wins
90 Days of Prime
Tournament Wins
1. baeee
8  Wins
2,380th Umg Rank
2. Hug 8 Wins
3. Takoo7 7 Wins
4. Kaiju4787 7 Wins
5. Donuts and Milk 7 Wins
Minimum 5 wins
25 Credits

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  • UMG Launches Redesigned Homepage

    tarting today and rolling out in the coming weeks, the community will begin to see some of these new features come to fruition. Beginning with our redesigned homepage.

  • Welcome to the New UMG Online

    UMG is very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website - a revamp that will make it even easier to get started and play on UMGO.

  • New Cash Deposit System

    In conjunction with the new site launch, we are excited to announce a new way of depositing cash on